CrazyCrutches- Welcome

Are you or your loved ones stuck on crutches for a while?

Do you or your kids need some cheering up with some happy designs like this guy?!

Would personalised crutch designs make them feel special and happy?

Just why are crutches so bland and boring?

Do you love................

Your Team - Your County - Your Cars
Some UFC - a Bit of Street - Cartoons
Are you a Superhero or a Princess?

Then CrazyCrutches are the answer – bling them up and cheer them up!

Quickly apply the custom transfers to your crutches and re-appear with a whole new positive attitude. Be the talk of the office, your local club or your class mates – from boring to bling just like that!
Now you’re a superhero – the number one sporting fan – a sparkly princess – from grey to great, from sad to happy and from don’t look at me, to look at me now!

CrazyCrutches transfers are cheap, affordable, delivered to your door and simple to apply

So go on, brighten them up –……boring to bling!


How do I stick them on?   -   It’s simple. Just follow the ‘Easy Application’ guide that comes with the stickers. Simply, measure, trim, apply. Smiles will follow with immediate effect!

Can I purchase internationally?  -  Of course, check out our international postal charges and delivery times on the site!

Will they fit any crutch?  -  You will have either adult crutches or junior crutches but don't worry, they're custom made to be fully universal. Our transfers are always slightly longer than a full size adult crutch ensuring all areas are covered. Just trim down to fit. The design ensures there is no loss of images when trimming to fit 

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Don’t be a stranger - Tell us what you want, if you can’t find it here – we love new ideas! So feel free to suggest any theme's you would like to see added to our inventory and we'll do our best to look after you! Contact Us HERE

ABout Us - Our story

CrazyCrutches came about as a result of a normal family (slightly more accident prone than some) spending time on crutches at various points of our lives. As parents it was hard to see the kids having to spend time on crutches, but the fact we couldn’t make them a bit more interesting quickly, was very frustrating... Read More HERE