Frequently Asked Questions:

What am I buying? - You're buying a single custom fitting crutch transfer, made to fit your crutches perfectly.  You can buy multiple pieces by just adding to your shopping cart as needed. This way you have the option of mixing and matches if you're using 2 crutches or may be on them for a longer period and fancy a different look from time to time :)

Will they fit any crutch?  -  You will have either adult crutches or junior crutches but don't worry, they're custom made to be fully universal. Our transfers are always slightly longer than a full size adult crutch ensuring all areas are covered. Just trim down to fit. The design ensures there is no loss of images when trimming to fit 

How will my crazycrutches transfers arrive? -  They will arrive by post. We endeavour to post within 48 hours of the payment being placed. If multiple orders are placed, they will be sent out separately if ready to avoid any delay so you may receive more than 1 package for multiple orders. Delivery times to all locations will depend on each country. If you need something quicker, drop us a line. We can organise courier if super urgent :)

How do I stick them on?  -   It’s simple. Just follow the ‘Easy Application’ guide that comes with the stickers. Simply, measure, trim, apply. Smiles will follow with immediate effect 

Can they be re-applied once removed? -  Well we hope you don’t need to use more crutches in the future but if you do we recommend you buy fresh transfers. The adhesion cannot be guaranteed second time around and who knows, maybe if you do need crutches in the future, you’ll want to have a different look anyway 

Can I buy as a gift? -    Of course! If you need to brighten up someone’s crutches, just make sure the delivery address is completed at the time of order and we will send to them directly upon receipt of payment

Can I purchase internationally? -  Of course, check out our international postal charges on the site