This is an evolving think tank page - we are working on an exciting project, a new approach where we are looking to create opportunities to reach out to those less fortunate:

Did you know that once you've been issued with your crutches they cannot be re-used by anyone else?

How many of you have old crutches in the shed, the attic, or under the bed just lying around.......well, don't throw them out just yet!

We are developing a strategy and logistical network to allow us to consolidate all these redundant crutches and send them to countries that really need them? 

Landmine victims - under-developed regions - poorly resourced hospitals - villages - towns - warn torn cities

We are working with various think tank groups and business promoters to develop these ideas and bring them to a reality. It simply cannot be that perfectly good medical resources such as crutches, walking aids etc can be discarded and not put back to use. ....home-made supports, crafted sticks or a perfectly good second hand crutch....what would you prefer?

Interested in making a difference.........drop us a line, get involved and let's make a change